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Retirement Planning

"44% of all Americans are in danger of going broke in their postwork years." Time Magazine, 10-19,2009

Accumulate more money for your retirement and have it last longer.

With people living longer than ever and current predictions showing that Social Security won’t be able to fund their retirement, the need for comprehensive retirement planning is more important than ever. 401(k) was initially introduced by congress to close a loophole on executive bonuses allowing these highly paid executives to defer a portion of their paychecks. It was not designed to replace a pension plan. Today a pension plan is a rare occurrence for most workers and the value of the 401(k) has been directly affected by activities in the market.

How will your 401(k) and Individuals Retirement Accounts IRA, SEP IRA, ROTH IRA keep you comfortable in retirement years? What plans have you made to add dollars to your retirement savings? Are you familiar with financial options that are available for your retirement plan, beyond the 401(k)?

Secure and protect retirement assets.

Safe money strategies are what our program is all about. We can educate you to financial options that guarantee your principle savings regardless of market fluctuations. Would you like to establish a retirement plan that guarantees you will never run out of money, no matter how long you live? Pathway Insurance Agency can teach you how to make it a reality.

Let Pathway Insurance Agency introduce you to safe and secured alternative that offers, Protection of your money, reasonable rate of return and a Guarantee Lifetime Income that you will never out live your money.